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You're Chosen.

It has been a minute since I wrote a blog post , there is so much I want to share. But at this moment in my life every lingering situation I have gotten closure from. It is crazy how in the midst of everything I have going on, I still have happiness and I still have peace. Its what my dreams do to me! They allow me to be free. Tiara, how is it freedom in your dreams?

Great questions. Because my dreams were chosen for me. No matter what people say or do, God chose me for my dreams and I am just walking in purpose. How do I know what I was chosen for? Its simple, what is something you love? What is something people come to you for? What is something that keeps you up at night? Everyone's dream is different and impact the world differently. I use to wonder how God would make such a big dream profitable. But this year in 2019, I already made more than half of my profit goals, I wrote a book, I have been featured on national syndicated shows, this week alone I am speaking at three colleges, and I have several clients on my roster. I am not bragging but I am showing you what trusting God and working the dream you were chosen for looks like. In 2012 when I first started I paid out of my own pocket to launch my client's first event, then from then I have never stopped growing. Times got tough. Over the years it was times when I couldn't pay my rent , car almost repossessed, I slept on the floor, fell out with my parents, been heart broken, I couldn't stop drinking, people I loved died and I didn't say goodbye, I was placing my love and heart into the hands of the wrong people, and I lost friends I considered family but GOD. This morning I feel so good despite what happened yesterday or before because God kept me and my dreams because he chose me for this journey , I am just glad I didn't give up and now on Sunday I can celebrate one of the biggest moments of my life ! My first book, #ChasetheDream. Keep going,you were chosen for your dreams!

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