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Trap Dreams or Dream Trap

I have been listening to trap music and just being really real about my brands and businesses. I keep playing over and over "If you knew what it took" by Future. This song back in college was a jam. After going through life surviving and going through the process, Future made an anthem. The facts is people will never know what it took for you to get to where you are and they don't have to know. You deserve to profit and gain from your process. Are you really showing up ? Are you really giving it your all? Is this dream getting your undivided attention. If you answered no to any of these things, then you need to get it together. It is so much easier to "look the part" then actually "being the part". We live in a world of highlight reels, but it will come a time where we will see who is really working and did the work. I myself struggle with procrastination and staying focus. We only get 24 hours a day and we have to cram in life, family, love, me time, self care, and so much more. When it comes to your dreams, you will make it work. Six months of hard core focus will allow you to chill. Just try it. I am in it with you. I had to step away and get my mind right this week and I had to be like "Aye yo T, you came to far, you are worth so much, and the whole world needs you." I got in formation and I am getting these things done. With a new business venture sometimes it can be a lot. I prayed and prepared for this so I am going to SHOW TF UP. I ain't gone let up. The world gone get TLJ, all my products, and all my streams. I am going hard for me and I expect you to do the same. So this week let's show up and stop making excuses for what we need to do for our dreams.

Dream Even Bigger,


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