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I am a Superhero!

I am currently doing a #HabitualDreams Challenge with 12 amazing ladies and it has been amazing but we have definitely sacrificed so much with our mind, bodies, and hearts. One question I asked them for their journal entry was"what is your super power?". This should be a easy question to answer right? Who better then to know how amazing you are, but you. This may be one of the hardest questions you will ever have to answer only if you are not sure or you never took a moment to realize how great you are.

One of my favorite super heroes is Captain Marvel. She shows how often as women we might be under this pressure of what society wants us to be but we always make a difference and find a way to change the world, she had to unravel so much to discover who she was and she was able to save a whole species. It is never easy to go against the grain but hard work and fighting for what you believe will take you a long way.

What is your super power ? What is that thing about you that will change the world.

Before you say I don't know or I never thought about it or I don't have one. Let me let you know, none of us are the same, God created us uniquely different and gifted so clear the negativity and really think about what makes you AMAZING.

My super power(s) is my ability to bring an idea to execution. I can pull in the resources and innovation to accomplish anything I put my mind to doing. I am also good at bringing people's purpose out of them and although it makes people uncomfortable, I am cool with knowing being stagnant around me makes people uncomfortable. The last thing is that I understand the consequences of my actions and I am real with myself, I think this is amazing because so many times people justify when they are wrong or did something out of character! I just take my "L" and keep it moving no matter my emotions.

I have more, LOL, but this is not about me, it is about you all really embracing your super power !

If you still don't know, ask yourself these THREE


  • What do people love about me?

  • What problems can I solve alone?

  • If I could change the world, what would I do?

Then say "My super power is....." feels good right ? WALK IN IT.

Dream Even Bigger,


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