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You did the work!

Man what a year 2019 has been. I have been flying all over, launching so many dreams, and selling books. I still work full-time and I am trying to have a social life. Pray for me. I have been experiencing a lot of different emotions one being "overwhelmed" I have been overwhelmed in a good way. Everything I invested in the last 7 years has been FINALLY paying off. I was talking to my mentor today and he was like "TLJ I am so proud of you, you inspire me. You did the work, and now it's paying off". I wanted to write this blog to encourage anyone that has been putting in work on your brand and business for years and you may feel like giving up. But now is not the time, I want to encourage you to make a list of all of your accomplishments and while you look it over, thank God that he kept you.

Here is my strategy for excelling in my dreams:

1. Pray when its amazing, when it's good, when it's okay, when it's bad, and when it is HELL. God will grant you your desires in his timing. Trust him.

2. Stay Focused. When you want to sleep in, lay up, or do nothing just give your dreams 30 mins, everyday.

3. Write down your ideas and make an action plan. I use my dream map and my dreams and deadlines planner. They work! #ShopTLJ

4. Don't allow other people's lack of drive and determination bring you down. If you are like me, you want everyone to win, but some people don't need you to keep pushing you. Let them find their own way. God has them, worry about your own destiny. It's hard but FREE your mind.

5. Always be promoting YOU. Use every opportunity to network and build your business and brand. If you aren't putting you on, who else will?

Keep dreaming,

TLJ <3

& Remember YOU DID THE WORK. It's okay to reap the benefits.

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