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What if you you couldn't use your hands?

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

I was in Walmart this week and a older lady was struggling to get her license out of her wallet , the cashier refused to help her. I was so aggravated with the cashier her hands obviously were not strong and could not open, so I helped her. It made me so emotional. What if I could no longer use my hands or anything else that I need and use 24/7? I went to the car and just started thanking God I could use my hands, I could walk, and even talk . We take so much for granted. This brought me to my post, to all my dreamers reading this IF YOU ARE WELL AND ABLE, you have got to follow your dreams. Your dreams are your road map to your destiny , God placed these dreams in you to boldly live them. He didn't create you to stand aside and just live in a world and not fulfill purpose. There are people who wish the could use their hands just to get out of bed in the morning. I had a conversation with my old customer last week , she has a heart problem and was shot in the knee. She said all her bills are paid and she owns everything, but she would do anything for a good knee and good heart. What are we taking for granted ? This should get you motivated , to know that you have the capacity to really live your best life and you are well able . So go and get started on your dreams . I challenge you to do three things:

1. Stop and smell the roses, the fact that you are alive you should be proud and honored.

2. Say thank you , always be grateful.

3. Stop making excuses and put your dreams into action

What if you couldn't use your hands ???

Keep Dreaming,


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