What if you had the blueprint on manifesting your dreams? What you had the tools to help you change your perspective on life to overcome your self-doubt and limiting beliefs? Johnson’s unique ability to blend the word of God with her life’s story makes reading “Chase the Dream” like having a heart to heart talk with your big sister whose uplifting words not only put you in check but motivate you to your greatness.The jewels of this book are divided into seven sections that equate to seven spiritual and practical steps to manifest your dreams. These steps give you a glimpse of what it will look like to activate your faith and get all God has for you. The key to manifesting your dreams is to have active faith. This book is all about manifestation and getting precisely what God has for you! Chase the Dream is the perfect resource for keeping you grounded with confidence and propel you to fulfill your destiny.


This is a hardcopy book.

Chase The Dream: A Guide To Manifesting Your Dreams



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