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I am currently on a 21-day fast , reading Proverbs , & I made a commitment to myself to just be a better me spiritually . I decided to break-up with FEAR , DOUBT , PROCRASTINATION, WORRY , GUILT , SHAME , & ANGER. I know what a long list .... but in recent situations in my life , I realize the most important thing to me right now , is LIVING MY BEST LIFE *cues music*. Seriously people spend their whole lives never doing what they want to do , not Tiara LaRae Johnson . Each day in September I am praying to God to just be a better me , as I prepare for my increase , my millions , my husband (let him be tall & handsome & amazing) had to throw that in there , & my one child. I want my credit score to be in the 800s , 100 hundred coaching clients a month , a house to build dreams, and a global influence. It is currently 3am and I was like let me get up and encourage someone to KEEP GOING !!! My new quote "Believe in your dreams, even if it means sacrificing your comfort zone." I have been hearing people say "they are comfortable" it is so annoying, like what kind of life is that ? So today when you wake up and you get this email , do three things for ya ' girl :

1. BREAK UP WITH ALL NEGATIVE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE.... trust me , I have had to pray through this daily ...but they gotta go ASAP.

2. Trust God's timing and will for your life . This is always #1 , activate your God's plan , he already knows the plans for your life boo !

3. SPEAK HIGHLY OF YOURSELF & YOUR DREAMS.... declare your wildest dreams, embrace your uniqueness , & hype your own self up . I'm always like "Okay , Tiara girl YOU DID THAT , HUNNI" even when I want to lay in the bed and cry because my bank account does't reflect my vision or someone hurt my feelings , but then I realize how DOPE I am , & keep going. The power is in how you stand after you fall , RISE UP ! <3 (GO FALCONS) hehehehe :)

Go Nike ! Go Colin !


Prayer for Friday:

Dear God ,

Help me to break up with anything negative in my life , please send ALL positive vibes my way. Help people to see Jesus in me in everything I do in life and everything I aspire to do. Thank you for never leaving me and already knowing the plans you have for my life. I am grateful to be uniquely me , I am grateful to be alive , & I am grateful to dream. I know today will be the best day of my life and I will live my best life !

Amen !


Tiara LaRae Johnson , Dream Coach

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