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Updated: Sep 18, 2018

I am always looking to expand my network, go to new levels ,and manifest my dreams ! Lately, I have been meeting with many heavy hitters in the city of Atlanta . Ya'll know I love ATLANTA, the east side raised me. I am a die hard GUCCI MANE fan, lol. I am here for all the growth and progression of my city ! Tonight I was sitting on the 33rd floor of the 191 building, I looked out the window and saw all the way to Stone Mountain and I was just like "This is what I want" . I want a high rise condo , office , valet , a million-dollar brand , and a global platform. I want these things to manifest in my life . Then I also thought "why can't I have these things?" .... there is literally noone stopping me. I immediately prayed and felt so full of energy and knowing I CAN DO THIS. I know I preach this , but there is nothing stopping you . You wake up and go to work everyday and do the same thing because you have to pay bills. I will encourage you to begin to treat your dreams the same way ! When you wake up and do a routine, get the same routine for your dreams. Give 30 minutes a day to your dreams , just 30 minutes and see where it will take you. Your purpose is God's vision for your life , it is why he breathes life through you every single morning. I wake up everyday wanting to fulfill my purpose . Today was a little trying for me at my 9to5 but I pushed through because of purpose , I know that in my current position I am in purpose and I ended up having a great day ! Let's do that this week , develop a routine for our dreams !

Dream EVEN Bigger,

The Dream Coach


Always Dreaming <3

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