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Trust The Process

"I love helping people make their dreams come true or motivating them to do something they might not have the confidence to do. I just know that I will make it, days that I am discouraged I just pray and stay the course. Staying the course is another post for another day. I enjoy making people smile and helping them be dedicated to their dreams. The opportunities that I have been blessed with, I let people know if it can help them go to the next level. I listened to a sermon that said we have to participate in other’s dreams to be successful. I really think among other things my passion for life is to help people. To be that motivation and pick me-up at the right time. I am excited for my future and how I have helped so many people. I will continue to help people, it brings me so much peace and blessings to my life. " Whats crazy is that I wrote this post in 2013 as a intern and student in Washington, DC. I stayed the course . Now a degree later , a profitable business later, and 4 years of experience by working with a billion dollar company I am forever grateful that I am the same person, still very passionate about my dreams and holding others accountable to making their dreams come true. I have peace in knowing I haven't changed I am the same person I was born the be , a dreamer. I am so passionate about helping people execute their dreams because it is so important to live in purpose, live in your confidence, and being exactly who God has called you to be. It is important to trust the process and hang on to God's promises for your life in all things . 

My three things for you to take away will be : 

  1. Trust the Process, Follow the vision (What God has for us , no man can take away)

  2. Be bold in your dreams (You can do it, have confidence ) 

  3. Your dreams are your gift to the world . (The world needs your gifts, make it happen, its bigger than you) 

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