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The Dream Reset

It has been a while since I blogged and shared what has been going on, I haven't sent a newsletter, or updated you on my progress, and really I just was doing so much in life I forgot the important things to me. My dreams and goals for my brand and who God called me to be! During this time in the world it will be easy to give up and be discouraged but I have so much peace in this situation. One: I get to rest, reconnect, and refocus. Two: I get to check out some new shows and movies. Three: I get to create content and really focus on my business. Yesterday I got the biggest answer from God, I was praying to make a decision and I was forced to make it. Years ago I probably would have cried, but I was relieved. This time is really God given for us to go through our own reset. It's time to reset our dreams and really focus on God's plan for our lives. If you are like me, you are a lot to a lot of people, things happen because of you, and people are depending on you to make it. Being a visionary, a dream keeper, and leader you have to get back to "why did I start this" we can't do so much for other people we forget our own dreams, goals, and aspirations. During this time really focus on your "why". I have personally worked on my 7 streams of income, my goals for 2020, and rested. I am going to send these out once a week, just to check in with my dreamers, to update you all, and to remind you "you can make it".

Three Steps to Reset Your Dreams:

1. Pray differently : Develop a prayer strategy fo

I am giving away free Dream Calls, schedule here:

Dream Even Bigger,

TLJ <3

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