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Productive AF.

I know this title is a little out my comfort zone, but there is no other way to describe my mood right now! I am not only writing this blog that I said I would do every week but SO MUCH is happening in my streams. I think and I believe it's because I changed my mindset, my words, and my communication. I decided to not let this time get me down, but get me up! Did you know from the last recession, millionaires were born?! So companies like Venmo, Square, and Uber. Immediately I prayed, "Lord, let me birth my millions from Covid." I really believe that it can happen and not just for me but all my dreamers. I have also stop having idle conversations, reading more, I been working out EVERYDAY. I look at my apple watch and I am so happy to close my rings! (If you don't have an apple watch, my apologies, you won't know what I am talking about). I know it's a lot going on and the media reminds us everyday. I am just taking a moment to be positive. People are recovering, people are donating millions to causes, people are spending time with loved ones, and we can now hold our government accountable and we also know they can communicate with us daily. I was reading James this morning in my prayer time, it says "Faith without works is dead" so this scripture hits different at 29. I am trusting God to be a millionaire after this then I need to put in that type of work. I treat my passions like a 9 to 5 now. I am putting in systems in all my businesses, updating my marketing and ordering new marketing materials, planning out content shoots, working on my image, and I am also on my clients like white on rice. I refuse to invite anyone to my pity party so I wrapped mine up and I am encouraging you all to do the same. People are recovering and we will get out the house (June I have a trip to Jamaica so I really need to ya'll to stay at home this month). I am thinking positively. I want you to think positively too and keep showing up for your dreams. I know someone will need this post when I send it!

Let me give you some steps/things to get on track:

1. A new planner : I have started a new planner to write down my tasks while I am in the house

2. A in-home exercise routine at the same time everyday

3. I am not on my personal social media pages, only my business pages (shameless plug: @girlbosssuites, @tljagency, @tljstaffingusa #followyagirl #shopwithme)

4. Work from 9am to 5pm on your dreams and take a lunch break (I am really going to do this too)

5. Place your phone on DND and brain storm, spend some time with you.

6. & most important to me Prayer & Devotion. Talk to God, he will give you clarity and peace.

Oh and read some books, research your craft, and just get dope(er) :)

I will see ya'll in our next tax bracket, #LetsGetIt <3

Dream Bigger,


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