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It is so important to speak into existence what you want to see manifest. In a group session it dawned on me every morning I have been speaking the same three things:

1. I want 100 coaching clients a month

2. I want to build one million dreamers

3. I want millions in my bank account

Not only has this year been my most profitable year but it has been the most positive I have been and the happiest I have been. My pastor says "Expectation brings Manifestation" so I want to pass that along to my dreamers, expect what you want to see manifest. Through every situation this year that was negative , hurt my feelings , or didn't feel good I held on to my 3 manifestations and it got better and it got easier . Often times we speak things into our lives that are negative and we stop any positive things from coming into fruition. I challenge you today and for the rest of 2018 to speak life into your goals, dreams, and visions. In 2019 I am expecting to travel more , build one million dreamers , and expand my brand in more cities. That is my heart's desire, we were placed on the Earth to LIVE and fulfill purpose , aren't you tired of not living out God's promise for your life. Starting this Monday, we are going to speak what we want to see manifest , speak positively to all of our dreams and goals, and surround ourselves with positive energy and light. #ManifestMondays

Purpose looks GREAT on me :)

We got this . Dream even bigger.

Tiara LaRae <3

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