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Life is !

We all know life happens, it happens fast. We try and do everything so right so that we don't have to be broke, lonely, upset , or any other thing that makes us uncomfortable, but life still happens. Despite everything I could complain about , LIFE IS GREAT...NOW! It is great because everything I spoke into my life is manifesting and it is happening rapidly. I am not the richest by any means and sometimes I do wonder , how are you smiling Tiara, you should totally be in tears right now . A couple of weeks ago , I gave a sermon on not being afraid to be who God called you to be. This was my testimony. The whole time I was speaking , I was being set free. We pray and ask God for these moments in our lives. When these moments come, we are so surprised. But , why ? We prayed, we spoke it, and we trusted God. If you didn't do any of those things try it. I have always had a good life, but life is great now, I am learning to smell the roses and appreciate who I am. No matter what my past did to me , It is not who I am. I am my dreams, I am great , and I am more than enough.

Dream Challenge : Write out a list of how great you are, read it , and tuck it in your drawer and pull it out for hard times ! You will thank me in the future.

Life is GREAT!


Your Dream Coach

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