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Keep Going.

I remember in the summer of 2013 , I moved to Washington D.C. to start an internship, I was going to better my resume but I also went because my on and off again situationship had completely crossed the line. I wanted him to love me just as much as I love him , but we just couldn't get right , and honestly I recently had the guts to let it go after 8 years. I haven't even see him in a year but the weight was still holding on to me. Crazy thing is it wasn't even about him , it was about me not believing in who I really was. I have been turned down for jobs , opportunities , clients , and even relationships . I been HEART BROKEN. Also adding to that I am an only child so I've always marched to the beat of my own drum . When we go through things and hold on to people its not even because we want them, we are holding on to an idea of them or what we think we will be missing. In reality it sucks and we all be ready to pull up , turn up , or be depressed . But every day if you have the opportunity to wake up and get another 24 hours , YOU MUST KEEP GOING. I have my days , sometimes weeks, and maybe even months where I am over it , but I am also determined to build one million dreamers so I don't have the luxury to stop because people are depending on me to make it. I am writing this blog at 11:21pm on Tuesday September 18th 2018 to let you know you can make it , you can do it , and you are built for this. I thought I would never get over things that happened to me. I couldn't picture being able to wake up and not think about people who hurt me or my mistakes , but it happened because I KEEP GOING. I watched my grandma lay in hospice for days not being able to respond or get up , that image still comes into my mind at times and I do get sad , but I also get motivated because I know my grandma lived a life of trying to please others and heartbreak but never lived her dreams. When she passed I knew I had to keep going , I knew I could never give up , and I knew that one day the tears would stop , the stress would go , and the pain would erase . You can make it , you can get through , and you can change the world ! Trust me , I am a living witness.



Keep the faith , KEEP GOING.

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