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I got MORE !

I have been on this fast for the month of September and life has been that , life. Yesterday I was so tired and drained but this morning I woke up tired , I went to prayer and came out feeling refreshed and new. This statement "you have more" is just ringing in my ears . This really stuck out to me . Often times in life we think we have done all we can or given all we have but thats not true, every time you open your eyes you have more to give the world . You may say I am tired , I am lost , I am overwhelmed , or you are just over it , but the blessing is you have more. We go to work everyday even when we don't feel like it and we get the job done , granted it might not be our best job but we show up. At the end of the day you don't even realize that you made it even though when you woke up it seemed impossible. This is the same way with our dreams , we gotta show up and then you will realize you are making it happen and you did it because you had a desire to do it and get it done.

"I have more"

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