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I am not chasing my dreams, I am living my dreams.

It is not an easy road and some people you love and cherish you might have to leave behind. The people that truly care about you will have your back no matter what. So if your waking up everyday thinking, “I am chasing my dreams” and your doing something everyday to go to the next level you are no longer chasing dreams you are living dreams and be grateful that you are your dreams. " I am not chasing my dreams, I am living my dreams. 

I was on a chase to be successful I forgot the importance of being grateful for my present and smelling roses. I have lost close friends and family and so much more and I still kept grinding, through it all. I am just getting to a place where I am naturally proud of myself and I can start to build on a even better foundation. I was so lost in working and getting to where I had to go I missed some great moments in my life : celebrations , love , and much more. But 2018 is my year of "reclaiming my #TiaraMoments and focusing on what makes me a better me. I am picking three things that I want to do : health, wealth , & my MBA. Every morning I am on a mission to live my best life and secure the bag. You ever felt like it was your time? If you answer yes, then now is your time to #walkinit. So often we get so caught up in the grind we forget to celebrate what the grin had brought us. Now its time to live free and be happy in all the things the Lord has done for you .  These are your takeaways : 

  1. Walk in your happy at all times 

  2. Celebrate life's moments and your accomplishments 

  3. Pick three things you want to focus on in 2018 

Be soooo blessed, TLJ 

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