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A recent situation happened to me , I was reminded of something from my past that haunted me. It came back up through one of my vices, that I was once delivered from and God reminded me of why I stopped . God had already been speaking to me about being more patient , checking my tone and delivery , and forgiveness. I thought I was good, but its crazy how situations from our past that we never healed from will come back up in our most vulnerable moments. Loss has been ringing in my heart since my grandmother passed when I was a little girl. I realized that I never grieve I always overcome. But sometimes you have to take time out to heal and talk through what your going through. The enemy will use vices and distractions to get you to believe that bondage is your portion. But today I am here to declare for you and for me , FREEDOM is our portion. The word FREEDOM just keeps ringing in my ears. Before 2019 comes we are going to get free from our vices, our past , our loss, our heart break , haters , backstabbers , and anything and everything that doesn't mean us any good. 2019 will be our CONGRATULATIONS year. I want you to declare this in your life :

Heavenly Father ,

My heart's cry is that I be more like you , remove the pain and the hurt. Restore my dreams and visions, so I will walk in the plans you have for my life. I want people to see you in me in everything that I do. That freedom is more portion, and that from this day forward loss will not be my story .

In Jesus Name,


Smile. God Loves You!

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