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Dream Vision

So this weekend was AMAZING. God showed out, he did that. I had the vision for this event three years ago and to expand and add to it , Women's Entrepreneurship Weekend is definitely going to change the world. Bringing women together to uplift , motivate , and inspire one another is definitely apart of my purpose. It is all in your dream vision. We have these things we want to do and accomplish in life and we can do just that . If you have the vision you can execute. What event , idea, or product have you seen the clear vision for ? Are you just sitting on it or are you making it happen? Here are 3 steps for you to execute your dream vision :

1. Developing your spirit to be able to hear clear from God. This is praying , fasting , affirmations , and reading the word.

2. When you have an idea write it down , plan it out , and think about the resources you already have to be able to make this happen, if you can write it , you can execute it.

3. Don't let fear stop you from being the best you ! Stop being afraid to be all God called you to be , WALK IN IT.

Develop your dream vision , it's purpose in you. The world needs you !

Dream Even Bigger ,

Tiara LaRae Johnson


What Dream Vision looks like, DOPE!

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