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The world is waiting on you to dominate. Why are you waiting for what you think is a perfect opportunity, the perfect connection, or the perfect time? Nothing in life will be perfect. The more you sit back and with the more time you are not giving unto what God has for you. If you have been given an vision or a dream, Dominate the industry. Give it all you got. Why give it less when God has given you more. It might seem clear and you might not understand everything, but still do it . The dictionary defines domination as the exercise of control or influence over someone or something. The something that I am telling you to dominate today is your dreams, goals, and visions. You have the power to change the world through the vision God has give you. This week focus on "how can I dominate everything,I touch". How can I dominate negative people or energy and overcome? Don't keep sitting back and observing , do what you need to do to be the BEST in it. Dominate is such a bold word but thats what we need to do this week! BE BOLD & DOMINATE.

SN : Spend some time with God and your goals the week. Really focus on what he wants you to and how you can enlarge your territory. You won't be disappointed in the outcome.

P.S. : I want to give my DREAMERS. YOU! A sneak peak into my book ! I am so excited.

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