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Creating Brand Movement !

I was in a recent session with a client , and we were discussing his dreams. It dawned on me that in that session.... what separates dope brands and businesses , THEIR MOVEMENT ! What is that you ask ? Well brand movement is your special touch , its your signature event , special product , or new t-shirt idea. Its that one thing you create to give your clients / customers something they can only get from you , sounds major right ? No worries. Here is how you can create your brand movement :

1. Identify what you love about life ...

2. Now figure out what you can create to make this easier and better for your customers..

3. Determine if it is an event , product , or virtual experience

4. Brainstorm.....!

5. Execute

Let me tell you how I created my movement ! I love dreams, anything with a dream count me in. Everything I do is about making a dream come true . This includes my 21-day challenge , products , e-books , & more. People even send me things with dream on it . Its my movement I am creating a space where I am a thought leader on making dreams come true. & the best part you can do it , too. Check out my next event #DreamsAndDeadlines , you don't want to miss it ,


The Dream Coach , xoxo

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