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Access Denied

Guys ! I couldn't sleep and for the past couple of weeks I have been struggling in my thoughts, struggling to stay motivated , and just feeling drained. I realized that one I wasn't spending quality time with God , I wasn't sticking to deadlines , and I allowed people to have to much access. I love my friends and my family , but sometimes you have to realize that you are only one person. We want everyone around us to make it and thats wonderful , but at what cost ? One thing that my boss taught me when I was in operations is that if I show up to work or not the restaurant will still be open and run without me . That is the same concept with things and people in your life. You can talk and help out as much as you want but they will do what they want to do. People are going to move on their own timing. I was listening to the "Inner Circle" message by T.D. Jakes and he broke down the different types of friendships and you will be lucky to have 3 confidants. Now I am not saying go fire your friends and family , I am just saying limit your access and put boundaries in place. If your in the season of really living in purpose and going after what God has for you then you need to focus , God is doing a new thing and you can't be so caught up in carrying people , you forget about your dreams as well. We are walking into God's promises for our life , it is #SelfishSeason. Your elevation truly requires your isolation. Trust God !

P.S. I am heading to D.C. .... more deets coming soon =)


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