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21 Day Dream Challenge

I get this question all the time , what is the 21 day dream challenge ? Here it goes. I was sitting down one day and God gave me a vision , it takes 21 days to make a habit , so why not build your dreams in 21 days ?!

This challenge is built to help you revamp, start , or just focus on your dreams. God placed you on this Earth to live in purpose , if you have been sitting on ideas , visions , & actions this challenge is for you ! In 21 days we work hand in hand to make your dreams , your reality.

What happens in this challenge :

- Personalized to-do lists and coaching

- Weekly videos and worksheets

-24/7 Accountability

-Dream Calls

-A group filled with more dreamers

-Action Planning


Everyone has something they want to do in life , sometimes you just need a push to get it done , it is a $49 investment to your dreams. Everyone who completes this challenge makes their money back and have gone to the next level in their brand or business. Let me partner with you for 2019 , to get off your ideas and execute . It's your time ! Let's get it ! Sign up Today , we start Tuesday .

Dream Even Bigger ,

Tiara LaRae Johnson

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